DSPAK LMS (Lab Reports Management)

DSPAK LMS (Lab Reports Management)
The market for laboratory information management system has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. From centers that relied primarily on manual efforts, today labs are driven by technology. A major factor contributing to the growth of LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) in the market has been the possibilities that are generated by being able to churn out a record number of reports from the data accumulated. Undoubtedly, data is king in the world we live in – LIMS are giving us the power to capture, analyze and report that data & converting it into meaningful information.
Care LabTrak by CareData Inc. is one of the leading Laboratory Information Management System in the world and one definite reason for its popularity is the possibility it provides to generate custom reports as per the user’s needs apart from the host of pre-configured reports that come loaded with the system. The generated reports can be divided into various categories, some of them are:

Patient Centric Reports – These reports are the ones which are based on individual samples collected at the lab, including the steps that have been performed on sample
Lab Reports –Reports about the steps in progress of the lab. These reports are based on the full day functioning of the labs and collected samples throughout the day. Consumption of reagent is also part of this report.
Business Management Reports – Reports about the lab business and its functioning. Analyzing the turnaround time for all samples, these reports help in making smarter business decisions in the lab.
Some of the other reports include:

Sample history, reagents, escalations, top workflows, project management, in progress, completed steps, audit trails, event trails, top projects, container view, user defined maps (UDM), turnaround time et al.

The above mentioned reports are just a few of many more meaningful reports that can be generated while using the laboratory information management system (LIMS) by CareData Inc – Care LabTrak.

Go ahead! Schedule a demo for the Care LabTrak and explore for yourself the possibilities that exist and how you can make the most of them. We have a super friendly support team who would be happy to schedule an online product demo for you.

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